I'm Gordana, a mindful web developer.

I create holistic websites.

Websites that are good for business, good for people, and good for our planet. A no-brainer choice for everyone that cares.

Let's grow goodness together

My mission is to grow your impact

I provide solutions tailored to fit you.

No one size fits all. A holistic website is made after carefully examining your unique needs and devising the right solution for your scope & budget.


UX/UI Design



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the JamStack is my Jam.

I think outside the box.

I transitioned from bio-tech scientific research to pursue my passion for software development. My focus is on collaborating with scientists, solopreneurs, and small business owners to provide tech solutions that further their impact.

Cutting-edge sustainable tech should not be confined to those with extensive budgets or technical know-how. I am committed to leveraging the best that the tech world has to offer, and ensuring that the benefits of modern technology serve to grow the goodness in our world.

I am open to join forces with tech agencies and other freelancers to amplify the positive impact of developing purpose infused, mindful & holistic technology. Let's collaborate to turn visions into reality and contribute to the collective goodness of our world.

Some of the tech I work with

React NextJS Astro Sanity Svelte Tailwind AntD


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Growing sustainability

EcoPlastiC Project Website

Built with NextJS + Sanity, this is a website of a EU Pathfinder Project - EcoPlastiC, with an extraordinary mission to create a perpetual biorecyclable loop for mixed plastic waste. As an external memeber of the project, I provide an all-inclusive service - from ideation, design, development, maintainance & content updates, so the scientists can focus on their important mission of working on solutions for our plastic pollution issues.

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Growing justice

FocusOnEvidence Website

Svelte is what powers this clean and streamlined website. Shannon Turner is a seasoned evidence management expert that wanted a website to present her services, but does not have the time to maintain and update it, or write a blog. We kept the cost down by creating a 100% static website that is ultra fast, has no maintainance overhead. In addition to the design and development of her website, I used Canva & Figma to design the logo and business cards for her valuable service.

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Growing science

OrgBioChem Lab Website

This was a pro bono project I did out of love for science and as an opportunity to learn new tech - Gatsby and Netlify CMS. This project was my first head-first dive into the JAM stack, and as such it remains dear to my heart, although it is no longer active.

Let's grow something holistically good together!

I would be happy to hear about your mission and talk about how I can assist you in growing your positive impact.

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